About Nutmeg
Nutmeg was established in 2000 by a team of professionals with our roots firmly planted in public health nutrition, healthcare, IT and business management. At Nutmeg we all share a passionate interest in the delivery of nutritious healthy food to vulnerable groups such as older people in residential and nursing homes or children at school, in nurseries and in care.
Our Story
Nutmeg Team spent three years developing NMP (Nutmeg Menu Planner program) with caterers, dietitians and nutritionists trained in the interpretation of food table data and in the estimation of the nutrient content in recipes. As a result, we have produced a highly effective menu planning tool for caterers whilst maintaining the nutritional integrity of our programs.
Ease of Use
The key to our reputation is the ease of use of our programs and the clarity of our user tutorial/manuals. Our programs are intuitive and can be picked easily by using our tutorial/manuals. 
Our Future
At Nutmeg we love talking to our clients, hearing about where you want to be, what you want to achieve and anticipating how we can help. We are constantly developing, improving and extending the software solutions we offer. We are committed to excellence in our programs, our customer service and to providing the best cost solutions.